by kevinhylee

I felt like a daddy today.

I played with the kids in a child care centre in To Kwa Wan.

All the kids are cute. And there have been quite a while I’ve interacted with kids. I was so happy and into it.


A girl gave me her drawing of the Easter egg. I’m not sure why she gave it to me. Maybe she didn’t want to bring it home. She didn’t say why.

I asked her to put down her name. She is called Bobo.

That isn’t a great drawing, I know. But I’m really happy to accept it. happy


A boy always “stuck” himself to me. He even slept on my thighs. I used to sleep on my mum’s thighs when I was small.

This is when I felt like a father. This is not the first time I had such feeling though. Last time, it was a few years ago when I was still in the CAS.

Interestingly enough, he always tried to protect me. Say, when a girl stained my arm with the markers, he pushed her away, and I was so surprised….

I was thinking why he did such things. Perhaps he does not come from a healthy family. Perhaps his father never loves him…. I really want to know how he learned to protect someone he likes. What had happened to him?


We were so happy together. Yes, happiness does not last. But it is the moment when we are so happy together that matters most. Isn’t it?

In fact, nothing in this world lasts. I am not a talented person. I am just an ordinary man in his 20s. There is nothing great I can do. The only thing I’ve got is a kind heart. I just want to make use of it and bring happiness to others.