by kevinhylee

we used to go to school together he and I
he used to play the piano
in the school hall
without a teacher’s permission
and I used to listen lying on the floor
although music was hard to me

we used to have lunch together
almost every single day
he always spoke of silly things
and his ridiculous philosophies
…he couldn’t stop it
but we enjoyed arguing

that’s what happened in the band room
almost every single day

I’d never got to play an instrument
I blew his trumpet one day
and he asked me to join the band
then I played my first brass instrument
the euphonium at age 16

we used to play music together
he used to be my music advisor

now I play the trumpet
and on it the music he taught me
yet he’ll never talk to anyone
whom he met in this boyhood’s home
we used to be best friends he and I

I thought he would be my best friend yet