by kevinhylee

One thing I’ve been still learning since I was born 21 years ago is – talking. Not the art of public speech or that sort of things, but learning how to speak my mind.

I don’t speak much. Yes, that’s me! But such a person is not going to survive in this money-based, social network-oriented world.

Of course, if I ever had a choice, I wouldn’t live in a world that I can’t fit into. But reality is…I don’t have a choice. So at least I need to figure out some ways to survive – until I am able to leave this world.

OK, just a few notes to remind myself of when I go to interviews in the future (less than one year).

In a group discussion,
1. How can I interrupt people without offending them?
2. How can I repeat someone’s else ideas without repeating them?
3. How am I to speak when ideas come to my mind, especially when somebody else is speaking?
4. How should I position myself when there’s no appointed leader?

…I really hate interviews.